Want to buy a split system air conditioner but not sure what size you need? Perth weather can be extreme so it’s important to get this right before you buy.

There are many variables to consider and the information below will give you a good idea of where to start.

Split system air conditioner installer bateman gas and air conditioning. Specialists in service and installation of air conditioning.Pro Air Conditioning Check List

Here is a checklist that professional air conditioning experts consider in addition to the size of room you want to cool (or heat) with a split system air conditioner:

  • Elevation of house
  • Type of insulation
  • Type of room (living areas need more power)
  • Ceiling height
  • Size of windows
  • Size of doors
  • Orientation of rooms (i.e. north facing etc)
  • Shade around the house

What Size Split System Air Conditioner?

Size of Room and Air Conditioner Output

Air conditioner outputs are measured in kilowatts (kW). Below is a guide for size of room vs air conditioner output needed.

Please remember the pro checklist above is very important and that the information below is a basic guide to get you started and working out a budget.

Size of room          Size of Air Conditioner Needed
in m2

10m2                          2.0kW – 2.5kW

15m2                          2.5kW – 3.0kW

20m2                          3.0kW – 3.5kW

25m2                          3.5kW – 4.0kW

30m2                          4.0kW – 4.5kW

40m2                          4.8kW – 6.2kW

50m2                          6.2kW – 7.2kW

60m2                          7.2kW – 8.0kW

70m2                          8.0kW – 10.5kW

To figure out the size of your rooms in m2…

Just count amount of (large) steps from one end of the room to the other and then count how many steps across the room.  Multiply those numbers and you have approximate m2.

Example: 10 steps long x 5 steps wide = 50m2

Learn this information to understand your air conditioning needs and then call Bateman Gas and Air for a Free Quote Tel 0419 928 727.

We are the split system air conditioner Perth experts and will take the guesswork out of choosing the best unit for your property.

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