This is a very important reminder for people planning to do any kind of digging, landscaping or excavation works on their properties.

To determine the presence of:

Gas, Water, Electricity & Communications Pipes or Cables

Please call Dial Before You Dig on 1100

Or you can lodge an inquiry online at their website

What will they provide?

The service will provide you with a plan showing the presence (not exact location) of any gas pipes plus other pipes and cables (electricity, water, communications etc) on your property. This knowledge is vital for your personal safety and also to ensure no damage is done to the infrastructure. This is a free service so there’s no excuse not to use it. And if you have children, it sets an excellent example for them regards safety and planning.

What do I do with the DBYD plan I receive?

If there’s any underground infrastructure in your digging zone, it’s then a case of manually exposing any pipes to be sure of their location. You can do this by carefully digging potholes.

Generally, how deep are pipes and cables?

This is hard to say as it can vary considerably. Also they may not always be in a straight line, so be careful.

What if I damage a pipe or cable?

Individuals can be financial liable if it’s proven that they didn’t carry out due diligence and show care when digging. Every year in Western Australia, lots of damage is caused by individuals and companies who disrupt utilities through damage when digging.

So what should I do?

Call Dial Before You Dig before doing any digging! Tel 1100

See the video here:

This shows a commercial setting but the same can happen at home when doing any landscaping or digging. Just call and get  a plan so you can reference it at any time.

In Perth or Mandurah?

Bateman Gas & Air Conditioning are experts in all things gas! We provide the following services:

  • Installation of gas ovens
  • New gas piping
  • Installation of gas bayonets
  • Gas heater repairs and servicing
  • Fixing gas leaks
  • Gas hot water system servicing

Please give us a call on 0419 928 727 or send an email, thank you.

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