gas bayonet installation for portable heaters areas south of perth, murdoch, leeming, booragoon, fremantleBe Warm This Winter!

When the seasons get cooler, it’s time to think about gas bayonet installation for portable heaters. It’s amazing how so many people just put up with being cold through winter when it’s not necessary.

Strategically placing a few extra gas bayonets in the home will mean being comfortable all year round with adequate heating. And while you’re at it, maybe the bbq area could be connected with gas bayonets at the same time.


It’s important to note that portable gas heaters are unflued so it’s essential to have adequate ventilation in the rooms being heated. In Western Australia, by law any room where a gas heater is used must have a low vent and high vent for ventilation of un-burnt gases.

Having adequate ventilation is important for any heating system (electric, wood fire, reverse cycle air con etc) in that fresh oxygen should be able to circulate constantly into the space being heated.

Bateman Gas and Air Conditioning can advise you on where and where not to place heaters in your home or office. Call 0419 928 727 or use our contact form.

Flued and Unflued Gas Heaters

Flued gas heaters are set up to be permanently in one location and vent any small combustion emissions outside the home. Think of it like a chimney.

Unflued gas heaters are portable so that’s why it’s important to ensure adequate ventilation in rooms where they are used. The major benefit of these heaters is the flexibility of being able to move them around where needed.

Gas Bayonet Installation for Portable Heaters

A New Level of Comfort

Typically, gas bayonets are installed for using portable heaters in areas such as studies, home offices, games rooms and kitchens.

Imagine if all those rooms in your house could be heated with the flick of a switch! Think of all the extra things you could be doing in winter instead of being glued to the only heater in the house.

You could relax in a quiet warm room with a book. Making dinner wouldn’t mean using the oven for heating. And the kids could get more homework done if they’re not wearing overcoats and ugg boots. This is the beauty of having a few extra gas bayonets around the house which don’t cost much and give you lots of comfort.

Of course, there are many different heater models so it’s important to choose the right size for the space you want to heat and also a good energy star rating. Please also be aware that it’s illegal to place gas heaters in bedrooms.

Gas versus Electric

Compared to electric heaters, gas heaters are more energy efficient, give off lower greenhouse emissions and are comparatively cheaper to run. With electricity bills becoming increasingly more expensive, it makes sense to invest in gas.

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