Here are some gas heater service and safety tips that will prolong the life of your heater and ensure safe usage.

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gas heater service perth for repairs and safety adviceGas Heater Service and Safety

Gas heaters should be installed by a professional as well as adequately cared for. A hazardous heating unit may cause a family house fire or pollute your house with hazardous toxins such as high levels of carbon monoxide.

Servicing your heater frequently and using it according to the manufacturer’s specifications will ensure it operates both safely and economically.

Gas Heater Servicing – How Often?


Servicing by an expert is definitely advised every two years. It’s recommended to do this just before winter to be ready for any prolonged use. Some manufacturers suggest servicing even more frequently, so check your unit’s manual.

For those who have ducted heating system, read the manual or get in touch with the product manufacturer to determine if specialised duct cleaning is essential.

What Can I Do Myself?

There are a few things you can do yourself to maintain your heater.

  • Have a look at the accessible filters and clean as necessary. The user manual should provide details
  • Cleaning fans should be done once a year to ensure smooth operation. Again the user manual should provide details of what is possible.

Signs of Trouble

If your gas heater is showing any signs of trouble such as the following, you should call an expert immediately.

  • The walls next to the heater become too hot to touch comfortably
  • Signs of staining of the walls or heater panels due to intense heat
  • The heater flame is very sooty, smoky or yellowish
  • The pilot light often goes out. Or it makes loud noises when lighting
  • There is a gas odour in the room and/or building
  • Someone complaining of not feeling so well with symptoms such as exhaustion, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting, weakness, confusion or chest pain. This can be caused by carbon monoxide from a defective gas heater. If this happens, turn off the heater, open all windows and leave the building immediately. Consult your doctor to determine if these symptoms were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tips for Using a Gas Heater

  • Always allow for fresh air to enter the room
  • Place a shield around the heater to protect from burning, especially young children
  • Do not dry clothes or objects by placing them on the heater due to fire risk
  • Do not use gas heaters in rooms with inadequate ventilation or where people sleep
  • Do not store solvents or pressurized cans near a gas heater, even when off.
  • Do not use heaters designed for outdoor use indoors and visa versa.
  • Always use gas heaters for the purpose they were built as specified in the instruction manual.
  • When using outdoor patio style heaters, always ensure the unit is secured very tightly in case of high wind or other factors

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