Here are some things to consider and questions to ask when getting a quote for a split system installation.

As with everything, sometimes quotes are too good to be true with the cheapest ones often resulting in low quality materials and professional procedures not followed. This in turn leads to dissatisfaction and costly problems later on.

We hope this information will help you understand the factors that affect installation quotes.

floor mounted outside unit of split system  wall mounted split system

How Split System Installations are Quoted

1) Basic Back-to-Back Pricing

Back-to-back means when it’s possible to position the outside unit of the split system directly behind the inside unit (just separated by a wall).

In this scenario, less material is needed as both units are close to each other. So for a professional install, you would be paying for:

  • 3m of quality insulated copper pipe
  • quality plastic covering for the insulated copper pipes
  • 4 rubber legs for the outdoor unit to keep it off the ground and stop vibration on the concrete
  • all units moisture vacuumed for best performance
  • all units pressure tested for no leaks
  • labour time for a qualified installer with proper tools
  • your house isn’t left in a mess

When you get a quote from any installer, ask if their price includes all of these points. Some operators might be surprised you know all this stuff :)

2) Not Back-to-Back Pricing

This pricing is for when the design of your home or office doesn’t allow for the outdoor unit to be placed directly behind the inside unit.

This could be due to space constraints, noise or purely looks and because of that needs to be placed on the roof or around a corner.

In this scenario, all the points listed above are true plus the following:

  • the further away the outside unit is from the inside unit… the more the installation will cost as materials such as pipes and covers are charged by the metre.
  • Accessibility also affects the quote. For example, a 2 storey house is more expensive as equipment needs to be lifted into place and fitted.

If you think that your property requires an installation like this, be sure to ask that the quote details all materials and extra costs.

To Wrap Up…

We hope you’ve learned something from this article that will help you to be confident and happy with your split system install.

But before we go, one more point to expand on…

Importance of Pressure Testing your Split System Air Conditioner

split system pressure testing on roof of house

Pressure Testing a Split System for Leaks

One of the most important points is that there are no leaks and to ensure this the installer should pressure test the refrigerant lines (see image).

Also, all moisture needs to be vacuumed out of the pipes as moisture and refrigerant don’t mix well.

All professional installers should do this but you need to ask to make sure it’s included.

Bateman Gas and Air Conditioning install split system air conditioners all over Perth and Mandurah. If you enjoy good service and a top job with no drama then please give us a call on 0419 928 727. Or send us an email. Thanks.

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