how to bbq steak perfectly perth wa installation of gas bayonets and gas bbq grillsThe weather in Perth is great so even in winter there’s often a chance to fire up the barbie and tip down a few coldies.

Trouble is that many blokes are good at the refreshments side of outdoor entertaining but come a cropper in the cooking department.

How to bbq a steak perfectly should be training 101 at schools around the nation but instead we get lost in non-essential items such as trichotomy and linear equations.

Don’t get me wrong, someone has gotta learn that stuff but entertaining the troops has to take first place.

Bateman Gas and Air are always out on the front line installing gas bbq bayonets and gas bbq grills but now we’d like to park a little cooking advice into the heads of those that want it. Please enjoy…

Choosing Your Steak

Just like engines and football teams, some cuts of steak are better than others. Get this right and you’re well on your way.  You’ll pay a bit more for the following cuts but from now on your barbeques will be remembered as amazing!

As a start, choose one of the following steaks:

  • Scotch fillet
  • Porterhouse
  • T-bone
  • Rump

If you’re not sure, just ask a butcher or someone in the supermarket meat department.

Marinating Steak

There are countless ways to marinate steak to give it different tastes and so on. Rather than getting too confusing, this guide focuses on the classic technique of cooking well with just oil, salt and pepper. Do this first before getting fancy!

How to BBQ Steak Perfectly ~ Perth WA

Step 1: Buy excellent cuts of steak and don’t be afraid of a little fat as that gives flavour. Choose scotch fillet, porterhouse, t-bone or rump to start with.

Step 2: Remove steaks from the fridge to bring them to room temperature before cooking. Going from the fridge straight to bbq plate causes tough steak. Many people get this wrong.

Step 3: Preheat the bbq plate so when you put the steaks on, there will be a good sizzle. That’s “sizzle” not “explosion”.

Step 4: Brush each side of the steaks with oil for quick and even cooking. Only put salt and pepper on right before you bbq it. Too early with the salt and you suck out the flavour.

Step 5: Don’t use a fork to cook as puncturing the meat will lose those precious juices and flavour. Best to use long handled tongs.

Step 6: Only turn the steaks once while cooking. This will keep the steaks juicier and perfect.

Usually by this stage, there are four or five blokes around the barbie barely able to see each other through the smoke, beers in hand, laughing their heads off, poking, turning, dropping and destroying what’s left of the meat. Classic memories that have shaped the nation but eating what was cooked has always been a challenge. Think gritty rubber tyres covered in tomato sauce. You bewdy.

Step 7: Approximate timing for how long to cook each side of steak

1.5 cm thick steaks
Rare: 1.5 min each side
Medium: 2-3 min each side
Well-done: 3-4 min each side

2-3 cm thick steaks
Rare: 2-3 min each side
Medium: 4-5 min each side
Well-done: 5-6 min each side

Step 8: After cooking, remove steaks from bbq plate and allow them to rest on a plate for 5 min loosely covered with foil. This will give time for the steak’s natural juices to evenly distribute themselves again. Resting food is the final step to a perfect juicy steak!

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