Generally the summer months in Perth and Mandurah are quite hot and dry which is the type of climate that evaporative air conditioners are suited for. However February and March can get a bit humid which reduces their cooling power considerably.

So before rushing out and going evap, please consider the important points below.

But firstly, how do they work?

Evaporative coolers lower the air temperature by pushing warm air through water. The water is absorbed by the air which naturally moistens and cools it.

The system works best when a few windows are left open to allow the flow of cooler moistened air to push the hot dryer air out of the building.

This is very different to refrigerated type air conditioners which rely on a closed air tight environment for the dry and cold air they produce.

Evaporative systems offer a natural way to keep cooler in summer but as with everything, there are some pros and cons…

Evaporative Systems – How Good Are They?


  • Lower cost to run than refrigerated type air conditioners. A properly serviced evaporative air cooler approximately halves the cost of cooling a room as compared to a refrigerated type system.
  • Good for hot dry weather
  • No stale air as evap coolers cycle air from outside, through the building and outside again.
  • Simple to install


  • Not the best in humid weather as the air is already moist which reduces the cooling effect
  • A few windows, vents or doors should be left open which means security can be an issue. Because of this proper locks, mesh or grills must be fitted to stop any unwanted intruders. Especially when operating the system on hot nights.
  • Filters must be replaced periodically because when they deteriorate they don’t hold as much water which lessens the cooling
  • Evaporative air coolers should be serviced every 12 months because after that time, the insides start to resemble a marsh!
  • You have less control over the temperature than say a split system air conditioner.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Service for Perth and Mandurah

Living in Perth or Mandurah and need an evap service? We can get your system operating at its maximum cooling capacity again! And have the job done quickly and efficiently.

Call Bateman Gas and Air Conditioning on 0419 928 727 or send us an email via our contact form.

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