water drop evaporative systemsThis is quite tricky to answer as hundreds and even thousands of  years ago, people would just open windows and doors (if they had them) to let a cool breeze in.

That was the most basic form of air conditioning however people weren’t happy with that (as we do like to control things, don’t we).

Ancient Eyptian Cooling Methods

The Ancient Egyptians being a very resourceful people and went one step further to improve it.

What they did was hang reeds in their windows with water trickling down them.

Fantastic! Instantly the breeze was cooled down as it passed through the damp reeds and the first form of man-made evaporative air conditioners were born.

Possibly this was done in other countries as well but the Egyptians were excellent at documenting their achievements.

Romans Used Water

Many years later, some affluent Romans began circulating water from aqueducts through the walls of buildings to help cool them down which was another type of air conditioner.

Persians Used Wind

Persians had their own ways to control temperature using wind towers. Built as part of larger structures, these towers would catch and duct the flow of wind throughout their buildings. Pretty amazing stuff. Imagine rocking up to your local electrical retailer in Perth or Mandurah and asking for a 50 foot wind tower!

So through ancient and medieval times, various civilisations invented different type of air cooling systems using the technology available to them at the time.

The Inventor of the Modern Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier Invents Modern Air Conditioning

The industrial revolution however allowed for advances in heating and cooling that would change our lives forever.

In very early 1900s, an American inventor called Willis Carrier came up with the first successful air conditioner that had a high level of control (no doubt also using the findings of earlier scientists and inventors).

Interestingly, he did this to solve a humidity problem that a printing company was having which was causing problems with their paper. Other companies heard about the fix and the demand for air conditioners took off. And it wasn’t long before everyone wanted them.

The cooling of air and the reduction of humidity allowed stock to last longer and for workers to be more efficient.

By 1914, the first modern residential air conditioner was installed.

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